The Kind of World We’re Living In

As January went away this fast, i came to think of: what kind of world we’re living in actually?

I realized that our life is like a bubble. Then our bubble meet and we slowly know how other’s life going on or how we understand someone. But then again, nobody understand something better than ourself. They just trying to understand. Maybe sometimes you feel like someone really understand you but it’s not. That’s why you should understand yourself better. That you have to ‘love’ yourself more.

I think it’s hard to express our feelings or to tell a story (or is it just me?) and that is why we tend to keep things around ourselves. Everyone have secrets, or stories, that they don’t want others to know. Feelings and human is complicated. Being a human is even more complex to me.

What makes a human human?

Is it because we just simply born as human?

Is it because we can think?

Is it the goodness that we did?

Is it the memories of us that makes us human?

In 2022, i realized (again) that nobody will understand someone better. And actually, they do not have the chance to talk as if their life should be inspired and people should do things like others.

But then again, that is the kind of world that we’re living in.

We tend to work and achieve that ‘career things’

The urge to get married and have kids.

The knowledge. The money.

We do life as if we were told to be ambitious, that everything in this world should we achieved before some age. We do life as if we were told that nothing beats the success of being rich, famous, popular. We do life as if this is a race competition. We do life as if the finish line is money or throne.

While in reality, some of us already sucks life. Some of us don’t know how to get back to what they used to be. Some of us really don’t have things to do. Some of us does not know how to do things. Some of us still have other priorities beside themselves. But yet, some of us were told to follow the race competition?

In this world we see that people believe influencers more than experts.

See? That people just want to hear what they want to hear.

And that’s our bubble. Our life. It’s hard to understand other point of view so do not assume that you understand someone’s life. I know that sharing is caring, people said. But just… be careful with what you want to share. Our life is different. And there is no justification for that. You need to be just a little bit respectful to some of us by simply not trying to give us any kind of things you think may help us. Because it does not. And it won’t.

It really does easier with money, hm?

Some of us keep their body healthy because they want to be healthy, others keep their body healthy because it cost money if they have to go to doctor.

Some of us have to think what they will eat tomorrow, others may think what they will eat for snack tomorrow.

Some of us have to study more than hard to keep their grades, others have to study more than hard to keep their grades to keep their scholarship.

Some of us can sleep in a very comfortable room, others have to sleep side by side with their family.

Some of us trying hard to break their poverty line, others trying hard to just get more money.

I literally have to keep my eyes not releasing any tears while writing this.

These are privileges some of you may not realize, so please be grateful.

Everyone’s bubble is already hard. Our life has our own problem. Don’t forget to be nice.

Yes. The world that we’re living in is harsh and cruel but we somehow manage to find things that can make us happy in a moment. It’s somehow challenging to do life because there is no manual to do it yet we have to decide things, join this and that, but we know that our end is death.

What are we want to achieve in world, actually?

Are we just going to wait for our time?

I still don’t know yet. But for sure, i will dedicating my life to do goodness because that’s what written in my holy book Al-Qur’an.

I hope that this can be simple prayer, aamiin.




Kemewahan kata-kata dan kesederhanaan saya.

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Kemewahan kata-kata dan kesederhanaan saya.

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